Life With Cooper, 1966

Tommy Cooper was a constant and instantly recognisable presence on television for four decades.  Everybody loved him.  He had the unique ability to make an audience laugh just by looking at them.  Indeed Eric Sykes Eric Sykes hailed Tommy Cooper as the “funniest man in the world”, he still tops polls as Britain’s favourite comedian.

Life With Cooper was the TV show that would cement Tommy’s popularity with the viewing audience in the latter half of the 1960’s.  It ran for three series totalling twenty episodes between 1966 and 1969.

Of the twenty episodes that were made we believe that fifteen are missing presumed wiped and one only exists on an old home video recording.


Life With Cooper takes a sideways look at some of the ridiculous things that happen to Tommy on a daily basis.

It shows the blundering comedian coping with, amongst other things: his horoscope, getting a passport, joining the army and the thundering calamity of a lack of cash!









Tommy Cooper
Stanley Unwin
Henry McGee
Warren Mitchell
Sheila Hancock
June Whitfield
Derek Guyler
Dandy Nichols
Patricia Hayes


Channel: ITV
Written By: Brian Cooke, Miff Ferrie and Johnnie Mortimer
Original transmission Dates: 31st December 1966 – 20th May 1969

The remaining episodes of Life With Cooper are available on DVD from Network On Air


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