Tommy Cooper: Not Like That Like This, 2014

Tommy Cooper was one of Britain’s best loved comedians.  The trademark fez and the tricks that always seemed to go wrong made him a household name. Throughout the 1960’s he was a regular fixture on all the big variety shows and in 1970’s his TV shows were must see primetime TV.

Sadly drinking got the better of him and in the 1980’s he would make guest appearences on various shows including his final appearence on Live From Her Majesty’s when he collapsed on stage and later died.

Not Like That Like This was a one off ITV drama that focused on the comedian’s complicated private life.


The film focuses on the life of the popular British comedian, and the dilemma he faced when he fell in love with his assistant Mary Kay.

At the time he was married to Gwen, whom he affectionately nicknamed Dove. Unable to choose between the two women, Cooper embarked upon a dual relationship that would last for 17 years, right up until his death in 1984.





David Threlfall – Tommy Cooper
Helen McCrory – Mary Kay
Amanda Redman – Gwen ‘Dove’ Cooper
Gregor Fisher – Miff Ferrie
Andy Rush – Tom Cooper Jr.
Paul Ritter – Eric Sykes
Bob Golding – Eric Morecambe
Jordan Metcalfe – Les Dennis
Jason Manford – Ken Brooke
Albie Marber – Tom Cooper Jr. (as a child)
Tilly Vosburgh – Sheila
David Sterne – Billy Mayo
Andrew Harrison – David Bell
Jacinta Mulcahy – The Queen
James Carcaterra – Dustin Gee


Channel: ITV
Written By: Simon NyeProduced By:  Left Bank Pictures, for ITV
Original Transmission Date: 21st April 2014

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