Lollipop Loves Mr Mole, 1971

An often forgotten ITV sitcom that benefited from the writing talents of Jimmy Perry and featured an all star cast.

Lollipop Loves Mr Mole ran for two series totalling thirteen episodes between 1971 and 1972.  Series one ran for six episodes and series two for seven.  There were two subtle changes for series two.  These were: an electronic instrumental theme tune (the first series had Mount and Lloyd singing a love duet).   The other was the title was shortened to Lollipop.

A special mini episode featured in a compilation produced for ITV in 1971.

Sadly all that remains of the series are two black and white episodes, even though the original series was broadcast in colour.


Lollipop and Mr. Mole, alias Maggie and Reg Robinson, are partners in a blissful and romantic unio.  A, marriage firmly based on the age old saying that opposites attract.

Tucked away in their cosy cottage in Fulham, SW6, the ever-obliging Reg is constantly in need of protection from the world – and sometimes from himself.

Whilst Reg is kindness personified, Maggie is iron-willed and knows that generosity can sometimes cause more problems than it solves…








Peggy Mount
Hugh LLoyd
Pat Coombs
Rex Garner


Channel: ITV
Written By: Jimmy Perry
Original Transmission Dates: 25th October 1971 – 4th September 1972



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