May To December, 1989 – 1994

May To December was an independent production from Cinema Verity (Verity Lambert of Doctor Who fame) for the BBC.  It was about this time, late 1980’s, when TV companies began to outsource production of shows.

This popular sitcom ran for six series and notched up thirty nine episodes.

It benefitted from a strong cast with Anton Rogers (of Fresh Fields fame) playing a Scottish Solicitor.   Eve Matheson took the female lead for the first two series, but left at the end of series two, after an offer of a world tour with the National Theatre, including playing Cordelia in King Lear.  She was replaced for series three to six by Lesley Dunlop.


Set in Pinner, London, the show revolves around the romance between a widowed solicitor, Alec Callender and a much younger woman, Zoë Angell,

As you’d expect things are never straightforward and both partners have family who disapprove of the relationship, especially Alec, whose daughter Simone is married to a vicar and has a high moral standard that borders on prudish.  She is completely opposed to her father’s relationship with Zoë, especially when they purchase a house a little too close for comfort to the vicarage.








Anton Rogers
Eve Matheson
Lesley Dunlop
Clive Francis
Rebecca Lacey
Frances White
Paul Venables
Carolyn Pickles
Kate Williams
Ronnie Stevens
Chrissie Cotterill
Ashley Jensen


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Paul Mendelson
Original Transmission Dates: 2nd April 1989 – 27th May 1994


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