Monty Python, Where Are They Now?

Once Upon A Time the six strong troupe became an institution with Monty Python being cited by some of the world’s top comics as having influenced them.

The show came to an end in 1973, but what became of the Pythons and where are they now? Over a series of posts we’ll find out what happened next.  Today it’s Graham Chapman and John Cleese.

Graham Chapman

After Python , Chapman turned his hand to writing.  Projects included a TV sketch show co-written with Douglas Adams entitled: Out Of The Trees’,  a comedy film: The Odd Job

and perhaps his most high profile work the 1983 film Yellowbeard.  Around the same time he re-united with fellow Pythons to star in the film The Meaning Of Life.




In his final years Chapman embarked on a tour of US colleges talking about Monty Python, the Dangerous Sports Club and his friend legendary WHO drummer  Keith Moon amongst other subjects.

November 1989 Chapman appeared with the other five Pythons on the 20th anniversary special Parrot Sketch Not Included.  He had intended to star in an episode of Red Dwarf but sadly on 4th October 1989 Chapman died after a battle with cancer.

John Cleese

Now 81 years old, John Cleese bis perhaps the best remembered of the Pythons.  After leaving Python at the end of the second series he became best known for co-writing and starring alongside his then wife Connie Booth in the hit sitcom Fawlty Towers.



Cleese also carved out an acting career staring in films such The Time Bandits, A Fish Called Wanda , Fierce Creatures and Clockwise.







In 1999 he starred in another cult series taking on the role of ‘R’ Q’s assistant in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, after the death of Desmond Llewelyn he was promoted to ‘Q’ in Die Another Day.




On TV he starred alongside Les Dawson in Sez Les and more recently in the BBC sitcom Hold The Sunset.



John Cleese has also toured in recent years






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