My Family, 2000

Many see My Family as the modern day equivalent of 1970’s comedy ‘Butterflies’ Head of the house hold Ben is a Dentist, wife Susan can’t cook, dysfunctional family, all sound familiar ?

It would appear that despite certain similarities My Family wasn’t created as the modern day ‘Butterflies’.

In 1999 Fred Barron was considering producing a British sitcom the same way American sitcoms were produced. My Family was to feature a group of writers rather than the standard one or two.  This had been attempted in Britain with shows such as Goodnight Sweetheart and On The Buses. My Family was consciously designed to have wide appeal, with characters that viewers would be able to build a relationship with in the same way as previous BBC sitcom Two Point Four Children which focused around the family unit.

One hundred and twenty episodes and a short special for Comic Relief, over eleven series before finally coming to an end in 2011.


The show follows the lives of the Harper family, from their jobs to their social lives. Mainly featuring on Ben and Susan, the show has been known to feature on sub-stories from both Nick and his harebrained schemes to Abi and Roger’s love life.








Robert Lindsay
Zoe Wanamaker
Kris Marshall
Daniela Denby-Ashe
Gabriel Thomson
Siobhan Hayes
Keiron Self
Rhodri Meilir
Taylor Marshall


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Fred Barron
Produced By: John Bartlett
Original Transmission Dates: 19th September 2000 – 2nd September 2011


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