The Plank – 1967 (Cinema), 1979 (TV)

Based on a comedy sketch called “Sykes and a Plank“, which was written by Eric Sykes for his comedy television series “Sykes and a” An all star line up come together in this slapstick comedy short film.

The original running for 45 minutes and produced by Associated London Films hit cinemas in 1967 with an all star line up.

In 1979, The plank was remade for TV with another all star cast.  In this instance the film ran for just 30 minutes.

Although not technically a silent film, it is unusual in having little spoken dialogue, instead the film is punctuated by grunts, other vocal noises and sound effects.

The 1979 film version won at the 1980 Festival Rose d’Or, held in Montreux, Switzerland.

The original 1967 plank was sold at auction in December 2011 for £1,050.


When two builders find that a floorboard is missing, they buy a replacement floorboard and return with it through the streets, causing unexpected chaos.


Film Version




Film Version

Eric Sykes
Tommy Cooper
Jimmy Edwards
Roy Castle
Jimmy Tarbuck
Anna Carteret
John Junkin
Bill Oddie
Stratford Johns
Graham Stark
Jim Dale
Hattie Jacques
Rex Garner
Libby Morris
Ronnie Brody
Johnny Speight
Thomas Gallagher
Howard Douglas
Kenny Lynch
Joan Young
Barney Gilbraith
Clovissa Newcombe
Dermot Kelly
and The Cat

TV Version

Eric Sykes
Arthur Lowe
Jimmy Edwards
Lionel Blair
Henry Cooper
Harry H. Corbett
Bernard Cribbins
Robert Dorning
Diana Dors
Charlie Drake
Liza Goddard
Derck Guyler
Charles Hawtrey
Frankie Howerd
James Hunt
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Joanna Lumley
Kenny Lynch
Brian Murphy
Kate O’Mara
Ann Sidney
Reg Varney
Frank Windsor


TV Channel: ITV (Thames)
Written and Directed By: Eric Sykes
Produced By:
Film Version: Jon Penington and Beryl Vertue (executive)
TV Version: Dennis Kirkland
Directed By: Eric Sykes (both)
Original Cinema Release: 1967
Original TV Transmission: 1979



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