Nearest And Dearest Christmas Special, 1972 – Cindernellie

Cindernellie was the first episode of the final series of Nearest and Dearest providing 1972’s Christmas offering of the popular series.


It’s Christmas time again for the stalwarts of Pledge’s Purer Pickles.  However as you’d expect all is not well.

In an attempt to double the picklers Christmas club money Eli has invested it into a pantomime production.  Drama ensues as the cast walk out.

It’s Nellie to the rescue when she takes on the part of Cindrella telling Eli “If there’s no money, them picklers will have your ear’ole for an ashtray”.   It’s as well that Christmas comes but once a year – for Nellie can’t remember the script…







Hylda Baker – Nellie Pledge
Jimmy Jewel – Eli Pledge
Joe Gladwin – Stan Hardman
Madge Hindle – Lily Tattersall
Edward Malin – Walter Tattersall
John Barrie – Rupert Tempest
Freddie Rayner – Grenville
Harry Littlewood – Landlord
Deirdre Costello – Gloria
Charles Pemberton – Man



Channel: ITV
Written By: John Stevenson
Original transmission Date: 21st December 1972


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