Doctor Who And The Curse Of Fatal Death

Rowan Atkinson pops up for Comic Relief yet again,  This time not as Blackadder but as Doctor Who.

This one off story (totalling 23 minutes over four episodes) was produced for Comic Relief and has many firsts and Doctor Who connections,  It was the first Doctor Who script for Stephen Moffatt who would later become the show’s executive producer and head writer.  Surprisingly it’s the first time a woman plays the part of the Doctor and would you believe that if you count the numbers with Rowan Atkinson as Doctor number nine by the time we get to Doctor number thirteen Joanna Lumley becomes the first female to play the Time lord.  Perhaps The Doctor died into his own future?

It was the only live-action version of Doctor Who to be produced by the BBC between the television movie and Rose: the first episode of the revived series.  It was also the last time we heard the voice of Roy Skelton as The Daleks (he had been one of the original Dalek voices on the original television series.


The Doctor (Rowan Atkinson) and his fiancée Emma (Julia Sawalha) land on the planet Tersurus, where old foe the Master (Jonathan Pryce) has laid a deadly series of traps for them. But where do the Daleks come in? And why do they have chairs in their spaceship when they don’t need to sit down? And don’t the Master’s etheric beam locators look a little like… well, like breasts?





Rowan Atkinson – Ninth Doctor
Richard E. Grant – Conceited Doctor
Jim Broadbent – Shy Doctor
Hugh Grant – Quite Handsome Doctor
Joanna Lumley – Female Doctor
Julia Sawaitha – Emma
Jonathan Pryce – The Master
Roy Skelton and Dave Chapman – Dalek voices


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Stephen Moffat
Produced By: Sue Vertue
Original Transmission Date: 12th March 1999

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