The Navy Lark (Movie) – 1959

This 1959 big screen version of the hugely popular radio series of the same name came about when Herbert Wilcox bought the rights during the broadcast of the first radio series.  It’s one of those comedies that has been swept under the carpet.

The film whilst bearing the same title is only very loosely based on the popular radio series and with the exception of Leslie Phillips and a brief cameo from Richard Caldicot none of the original cast appear in the film version.

The film has very rarely appeared on TV and at the time of writing no commercial release was available.


In an endeavour to remain stationed on the Isle of Boozney, the team organize a revolutionary uprising.

Full plot





Cecil Parker as Commander Stanton
Ronald Shiner as Chief Petty Officer Banyad
Leslie Phillips as Lieutenant Pouter
Elvi Hale as Leading WREN Heather Stark
Nicholas Phipps as Captain Povey
Cardew Robinson as Lieutenant Binns
Gordon Jackson as Leading Seaman Johnson
Harold Kasket as Gaston Higgins
Hattie Jacques as Fortune Teller
Reginald Beckwith as CNI
Kenneth J. Warren as Brown
Wanda Ventham as Mabel
Richard Coleman as Lieutenant Bates
Llewellyn Rees as Admiral Troutbridge
Clive Morton as Rear Admiral
Gordon Harris as Group Captain
Van Boolen as Fred
Gordon Whiting as Commander
Tom Gill as Naval Commander
Walter Hudd as Naval Captain


Written By: Laurie Wyman and Sid Colin
Produced By: Herbert Wilcox
Directed By: Gordon Parry
Distributed By: Twentieth Century-Fox
Release Date: 7th November 1959 (Not Confirmed)

The DVD seems to be something of a collector’s piece judging by the price.



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