No Frills – 1988

Intended as a vehicle for Kathy Staff this BBC sitcom ran for one series of seven episodes in 1988.  It’s one of those lost sitcoms that just gets a passing mention on the internet and has been more or less forgotten about.  So we decided to give it a little shake and see if it jogs any memories for our readers.


When recently widowed, Molly Bickerstaff (Kathy Staff) leaves her home in Oldham, Greater Manchester, to visit –  her divorced daughter, Kate, in London, and Kate’s own 15-year old daughter Suzy, none of them realise that she will eventually stay with them.

With three generations of women and the difference between North and South, which gap will be bigger: generational, or the north/south divide?

I can remember watching this and although funny I always felt the rest of the series failed to live up to the first episode.  Still it would be nice to see it repeated or a DVD release.




Here’s a full episode we found, unfortunately the video runs on with the news after.



Kathy Staff
Belinda Sinclair
Katharine Schlesinger
Jan Ravens
Freddie Brooks.


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Janey Preger
Originally Transmitted: 5th September – 17th October 1988

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