Last Of The Summer Wine, The Michael Aldridge Years, 1986 – 1990

This year 2016 sees so many things to mark.  For this post we turn our attention to Britain’s longest running sitcom, we reach New Year’s Day 1986, jumping straight into  Christmas the same year as we reach Michael Aldridge’s time in the show.  Despite only two appearences in the year , never the less it’s thirty years since Michael aldridge arrived in Summer Wine country as Seymour Utterthwaite.

Michael Aldridge made his first appearance in the feature length special Uncle Of The Bride on 1st January 1986.  It would be December 1986 and the Christmas Special ‘Merry Christmas Father Christmas” before we saw the new trio together again.

Following on from this the regular series (the ninth) returned for an extended run of 12 episodes, before reverting back to the usual 6 for series ten.  By the end of series 11, Michael Aldridge decided to leave the series for health reasons.



With Michael Aldridge installed as the new third man and the introduction of some new characters the series followed the same successful formula as had worked previously, but as Seymour was an inventor new challenges awaited Compo.

There was the running gag of Edie’s poor driving that ran through the series, some excellent pop up gags and hair raising situations with Ely, the partially sighted character that sprung  up from time to time.

Probably this writer’s favourite period of the show.



Michael Aldridge
Peter Sallis
Bill Owen


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Dates: 1st January 1986 – 23rd December 1989, plus a brief appearance 2nd September 1990


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