Oh Brother! 1968

Derek Nimmo stars in another sitcom with religion as a theme.  Another sitcom you don’t hear about .

Oh Brother! ran for three series totalling nineteen episodes between 1968 and 1970.  During it’s short run it regularly drew over twelve and a half million viewers each week.

Of the nineteen episodes only episode eight still remain in the archives.  These are episode one of season one and all seven episodes of season three.

Many see the series as a successor to All Gas and Gaitors, although unlikely, as that series started two years previous in 1966 and was still running after Oh Brother! had finished.

Whilst Oh Brother! was possibly not a successor, it had it’s own successor in the form of a sequel: Oh Father! this was not so well received and lasted just one series.


Brother Dominic is a new monk who approaches every task with good intentions.  But frequent mishaps occur exasperting the head of the monastery Father Anselm and head of novices Father Bernard.







Derek Nimmo – Brother Dominic
Felix Aylmer – The Prior, Father Anselm
Derek Francis – Sub Prior, Father Matthew


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Climie and Austin Steele
Original Transmission Dates: 13th September 1968 – 27th February 1970



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