The first televised British Sitcom.  Pinwright’s Progress, was broadcast for 10 episodes aired fortnightly with the popular variety show Kaleidoscope.

Each episode was broadcast live from the BBC studios at Alexandra Palace.  Regretably the series no longer exists in the BBC Archives.

Ted Kavanagh, who script editor for the series, also wrote the BBC radio comedy series It’s That Man Again


J. Pinwright is the proprietor of Macgillygally’s Stores. He has a hated rival, and his staff only add to his problems by attempting to be helpful. Ralph, the messenger boy, is a deaf octogenarian.

Staff member Mrs Sigsbee was much in the same vein as Mrs. Slocombe from Are You Being Served?, being highly outrageous in her time.


James Hayter
Clarence Wright
Sara Gregory
Daphne Maddox


Channel: BBC
Written By: Rodney Hobson
Produced and Directed By: John Glyn-Jones
Script Editor: Ted Kavanagh
Original Transmission Dates: 29th November 1946 – 16th May 1947

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