Tandoori Nights, 1985

Channel 4’s first Asian comedy series Tandoori Nights ran for 12 episodes over 2 series one in 1985 and the other in  1987.

Tandoori Nights was of it’s time traded on someof the typical pre-existing Asian stereotypes used at the time: an Indian Restaurant as the setting; a conniving businessman  who views dating white women as ‘social climbing’ the rebellious daughter and a bumbling servant-fool (Alaudin),


Jimmy Sharma is the owner of an upscale restaurant, ‘The Jewel In The Crown’. A waiter working with him quits to open a rival restaurant ‘The Far Pavillion’ across the street. The story revolves around the lives of the two rivals.





Saeed Jeffrey – Jimmy Sharma
Tariq Yurnus – Alaudin
Shelley King – Bubbly
Andrew Johnson – Noor
Zohra Seghal – Gran


Channel: Channel 4
Written By: Farrukh Dhondy and others
Original Transmission Dates: 4th July 1985 – 13th November 1987

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