Taxi, 1963

With Hancock’s Half Hour almost a distant memory, Sid James was now as busy as ever in new roles.  Now firmly established as a Carry On regular and just finished with Citizen James’ 1963 would see him linked with Taxis.  It was the year of Carry On Cabby and it was also the year he landed back on our TV screens with a new series – Taxi.

Taxi was a Comedy Drama created by the man who brought us Dixon Of Dock Green.  It ran for two series, notching up 26 episodes along the way.


Sid Stone is a black cab driver who always seems to get tangled up in the problems of others, usually through no fault of his own.

He shares ownership of his cab, at least in the first series, with the wonderfully named Fred Cuddell (pronounced Cuddle), and acts as a mentor to the young Terry Mills, helping him become a black cab driver


Watch the surviving episode here


Sid Stone – Sid James
Fred Cuddell – Bill Owen
Terry Mills – Ray Brooks
Sandra – Diane Aubrey


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Ted Willis
Written By: Ted Willis and others
Original Transmission Dates: 10th July 1963 – 27th June 1964


Of the 26 episodes broadcast only 1 remains and that’s episode 5 from series 1

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