The Arthur Haynes Show

The Arthur Haynes Show, 1956

In 2023 this is another huge talent in his day that gets forgotten about, yet his ITV show made Arthur Haynes one of the most popular comedians in Britain at the time.

The show began in 1956 and ran for 15 series clocking up an impressive 158 shows along the way.  Of these 95 shows ran for 30 minutes, 62 shows for 35 minutes and a 50 minute show (all would have been subject to ad breaks).

The show was created by Johnny Speight, best known for Till Death Do Us Do Part, who claimed to have gotten the idea of Hayne’s most popular character (a working class tramp) from a real tramp who climbed into his Rolls Royce when it was stopped at a traffic light.

Early shows were played out on a theatre stage, and basic scenery and props were used where, for instance, the audience could see outside and inside a house, as there was no wall on their side. Later episodes had improved sets.


Each show was a series of character based sketches common with many shows of the time, and since, featuring musical guests.









Arthur Haynes
Nicholas Parsons (122 episodes)


Channel: ITV
Created By: Johnnie Speight
Written By; Various
Production Company: ATV
Original Transmission Dates: 12th December 1956 – 30th April 1966