The Beatles TV Series, 1965

Not quite a fly on the wall but a cartoon.  The Beatles was an animated series featuring animated versions of the popular group.

The series made it’s debut on ABC in the USA in 1965 and ran for 39 episodes until 1967 over 3 series.

The Beatles themselves had nothing to do with the production beyond their music being used .  Actors portrayed the voices .  The band’s manager Brian Epstein was said to be so horrified of what the British public may have thought that he banned the series from being shown in the UK.

A familiar voice from British satire show That Was The Week That Was – Lance Percival provided the voices for Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

However the series did reach UK shores in the 1980’s popping up on kids TV during school holidays.


The series consisted of short animated stories that essentially were intended to set up the visual illustration of Beatles songs that were played in their entirety.  Additionally, there were sing-along sequences with simpler imagery complementing the full lyrics of particular songs.








Animated Beatles Voices

Paul Frees – John Lennon/George Harrison
Lance Percival – Paul McCartney/Ringo Starr


Channel: ABC (USA), ITV (UK)
Created By: Al Brodax and Sylban Buck
Original US Airdates: 25th September 1965 – 21st October 1967

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