You Must Be The Husband, 1987

You Must Be The Husband was a TV sitcom that ran for 2 series over 13 episodes between 1987 and 1988.

The series was based and expanded upon an earlier play that the two stars (Tim Brooke-Taylor and Diane Keen) had toured in in 1981 and 82.


Tom and Alice Hammond are a happily married couple, parents to fraternal twins John and Sarah.

Tom gets a surprise when Alice announces that she has written a romance novel, but it’s nothing to the surprise that follows.

The couple become extremely wealthy when Alice’s novel suddenly becomes a best-seller.

The series follows the trouble that Alice and Tom have trying to come to terms with the shock of her success and also the stress that Tom suffers when the book makes Alice famous.








Tim Brooke-Taylor – Tom Hammond
Diane Keen – Alice Hammond
Sheila Steafel – Miranda Shaw (Alice’s Agent)
Garfield Morgan – Gerald


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Colin Bostock-Smith
Original Transmission Dates: 8th September 1987 – 4th April 1988

Where To Watch

Whilst the series has had a repeat outing on UK Gold, it has at the time of this post it has not had a DVD release nor does it appear on popular streaming services.  We have published 3 episodes in full here and you can find the rest of series one on You Tube


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