Rat On The Road, 1983

The saviour of TV AM, had first appeared in 1983, on the then ailing ITV breakfast show TV AM.  Initially he featured in a slot called The Shedvision Show, allegedly broadcast from a wooden shack on the roof of TV-AM’s studios. On the strength of this, Roland was soon given a regular slot every morning introducing cartoons for younger viewers.

It is the golden era that we’ve picked, summer holidays of 1983 and 1984 and Roland’s weekday half hour shows – Rat On The Road.


Each week Roland and his friend Kevin the  Gerbil would spend each week in a different town of the United Kingdom.  The show would feature a cartoon the screening of which was down to  video technician Errol the Hamster.

Popular catchphrases were “run Vt Errol” and it’s Packman Time” referring to the popular cartoon which was shown as part of the show.





David Claridge, operator and voice of Roland Rat


Channel: ITV
Written By:
Colin Bostock-Smith
Richard Curtis


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