The Mistress, 1985

Swept away under the BBC carpet comes a forgotten little sitcom from writer Carla Lane.

The Mistress ran for 2 series of 6 episodes each between 1985 and 1987.  Apart from a very successful writer in the form of Carla Lane the series also starred two very successful actresses in Felicity Kendal and Jane Asher.  So why did it last just two series ?

Like many Carla lane sitcoms the series had a serious theme – an affair.  Viewers gave series one a very like lukewarm response as they were not happy seeing Felicity Kendal who had been so successful as innocent Barbara Good sleeping with a married man.  This in mind changes were made to series two whilst it still retained it’s thread of an affair.  However the changes were not enough and the show was axed and to our knowledge has never been repeated, although both series were released on DVD in 2014.


Maxine is the manager of a florist shop, she is also having an affair with married man Luke Carpenter.   His wife Helen, is totally unaware of the affair.

Maxine occasionally feels guilty and insecure about the affair, but generally she’s optimistic and happy as a person.







Maxine Mansel – Felicity Kendal
Luke Carpenter – Jack Galloway
Helen Carpenter – Jane Asher

For series 2 the names change and Jack Galloway drops out.

Maxine – Felicity Kendal
Luke Mansel – Peter McEnery
Helen Mansel – Jane Asher


Channel: BBC2
Created and Written By: Carla Lane
Original Transmission Dates: 17th January 1985 – 26th February 1987

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