Jasper carrott returns to the BBC stool for a one off show

The One…..

The Ones – Series One ?

Comedy has seen a huge resurgence in the last decade with comedians playing to sell out audiences in huge arenas and TV desperately trying to find the next classic sitcom.

Regular visitors to this site may have noticed that we like to dip into the past a little (alright quite a lot).  So you can imagine our delight, when we saw this mini series labelled The Ones series one.

Following on from the success of the Christmas 2010 special: The One Ronnie, some BBC executive decided to try the formula with three more legends, this time from the eighties.

Billed as”The Ones, series one” To date there has been no series two.  The series ran for three episodes in 2012.


Under the the title “The One…” Three eighties comedy legends return to the BBC to do what they do best: make us laugh, with a mix of stand up comedy and sketches.

The One Lenny Henry

Lenny Henry returns with his unique brand of stand up and sketches.

The One Jasper Carrott

Jasper sums up the state of today’s TV brilliantly as he explains why he’s been missing for a while, “I can’t dance, I can’t skate or cook” and thee’s an all new detectives sketch

The One Griff Rhys Jones

This seemed a bit of an unusual choice, there’s no doubting his comic ability, but he is perhaps best remembered for being part of comic duo Smith and Jones.  Still funny and highly enjoyable, particuarly the head to head at the end with Mel Smith.












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Sir Lenny Henry
Jasper Carrott
Griff Rhys Jones


Channel: BBC1
Original Transmission: Lenny Henry: 6th January 2012, Jasper Carrott: 9th January 2012, Griff Rhys Jones: 16th January 2012