Three Of A Kind, 1981

Three Of A Kind was the comedy sketch show that brought us comedians Tracey Ullman, Lenny Henry and David Copperfield.

The show ran for three series totalling eighteen episodes between 1981 and 1983.

A big hit with audiences of the time and gave a huge boost to the careers of Tracey Ullman and Lenny Henry.  It as also an outlet for a crop of  young writers including Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, Ian Hislop and Nick Revell.

After the series ended Lenny Henry went on to star in his own BBC TV Show, Tracey Ullman initially launched a brief, but successful, pop career in 1983, before starring in the ITV sitcom Girls On Top in 1985.  She then went on to a high profile career on American television, which famously launched The Simpsons.

In 2016 Tracey returned to British TV screens with her own sketch show on the BBC; The Tracey Ullman Show.  It proved a hit with audiences and was commissioned for a second series in 2017.

David Copperfield, however had less success and has been seen relatively little since the series ended.


The show was similar in format to many of the time, a mixture of sketches and musical guests, lasting thirty minutes an episode.







Tracey Ullman
Lenny Henry
David Copperfield


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Various
Original Transmission Dates: 22nd July 1981 – 8th October 1983


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