The Other ‘Arf, 1980

Proving that she was more than just a pretty face in a drinks ad Lorraine Chase stars in this hit ITV sitcom, that proves once again that there is still a lot of sitcoms out there that never get an airing.

The show was the idea of Terence Howard (who had worked on the celebrated Campari ad campaign which launched the TV career of model Lorraine Chase).  The idea was turned into television scripts by, now legendary, comedy writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais (of Porridge, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Likely Lads fame).  It featured some superb casting with the two lead actors having similar backgrounds to their on screen characters

Making it’s television debut in 1980 it ran for four series until 1984.


Charles Latimer, is an aristocrat and a Conservative MP who saves working class model Lorraine Watts from the unwelcome attentions of a lecherous photographer.

Whilst the two backgrounds could not be further apart (Charles being an aristocrat and Lorraine being Cockney born and bred), the difference in their social standing doesn’t seem to be able to put the brake on their express dash into romance… although it’s never going to be straight forward.









Lorraine Chase  – Lorraine Watts
John Standing – Charles Latimer, MP
Steve Alder – Brian Sweeney
Richard Caldicot – Bassett
John Cater – George Watts
Natalie Forbes – Astrid Lindstrom
Patricia Hodge – Sybilla Howarth
Sheila Keith – Mrs. Lilley
James Villiers – Lord Freddy Apthorpe


Channel: ITV
Created By: Terence Howard
Developed For TV By: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais
Written By: Ian La Frenais, Terence Howard and Paul Makin
Produced By: ATV (became Central from 1982)
Original Transmission Dates: 30th May 1980 – 30th March 1984

The Other ‘Arf is available on DVD




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