The Perishers, 1979

Another popular newspaper cartoon strip that made it to TV screens.  The Perishers featured the among others the voice of Leonard Rossiter.

The TV series ran for one series of twenty episodes in 1979.  It was based on the long running cartoon strip first published in The Daily Mirror in 1959.  The newspaper cartoon lasted rather longer than it’s TV counterpart ending in 2006.

The cartoon was narrated by Peter Hawkins whose voice credits included Captain Pugwash and Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men.


The series follows the adventures of a group of four children: Wellington, Marlon, Maisie and Baby Grumpling and their intellectual dog: Boot.







Judy Bennett –  Maisie and Baby Grumpling
Sheila Steafel – Wellington
Leonard Rossiter – Boot

Narrated By: Peter Hawkins


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Maurice Dodd
Produced For TV By:
Bill Melendez Productions and Filmfair
Original Transmission Dates: 21st March – 4th May, 1979



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