The Adventures Of Don Quick, 1970

The Adventures Of Don Quick was a science fiction satire based on the characters of Don Quixote.  Produced by London Weekend Television it ran for six 1 hour episodes (including ad breaks) in 1970.

Clearly money had been spent on the sets, as an impressive thirty foot model spaceship was built in the studio for the series.

Records indicate that of the six episodes only episode one still exists in the archives.


The show was based on the characters of Don Quixote, revolving around astronaut Captain Don Quick and Sergeant Sam Czopanser, who are members of the “Intergalactic Maintenance Squad”.

On each planet they visit, Quick attempts to set right imaginary wrongs, often upsetting the inhabitants of whatever society he is in.







Ian Hendry – Captain Don Quick
Ronald Lacey – Sergeant Sam Czopanser


Channel: ITV
Written By: various
Original Transmission Dates: 30th October – 4th December 1970


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