Waiting For God, 1990

This often overlooked classic from the 1990’s made humour from what was by then becoming a growing business – retirement homes.  The series ran for five series totaling forty seven episodes between 1990 and 1994.

In 2013 an announcement was made that series creator Michael Aitkens would be staging a play, Heaven Forbid!, based on Waiting for God, at The Hawaii Theatre, starring Patty Duke and actor and TV newscaster Joe Moore.


Welcome to Bayview Retirement Home.  Here we meet Diana Trent a cynical, retired photojournalist who has found herself consigned to the retirement home after a career documenting some of the 20th century’s most dangerous events has left her single and with no one in her life outside of her niece, and later, her great-niece.  We also meet Tom Bollard, a kindly but deluded old duffer who frequently lives in a fantasy world following his retirement as an accountant.  Having been a widower for at least a decade, his increasingly eccentric behaviour leads his alcoholic and adulterous daughter-in-law Marion and henpecked son Geoffrey to move him into Bayview where he finds himself living next door to Diana.

To help cope with the boredom, the two become friends forming an unlikely partnership and discovering that they are able to wreak havoc amongst the younger staff and management in the home in order to create a more tolerable living environment for themselves and their fellow residents.








Stephanie Cole
Graham Crowden
Daniel Hill
Janine Duvitski


Channel: BBC1
Created and Written By: Michael Aitkens
Original Transmission Dates: 28th June 1990 – 27th October 1994


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