Queenie’s Castle, 1970

It’s a great shame in this modern age of multi channel TV, that so many ITV vintage sitcoms seldom get an airing.

This little gem ran for three series notching up eighteen episodes before it ended in 1972.

In the series many references are made to Queenie’s husband: Lional, who never actually appears in the series.  The plot never actually confirms his whereabouts, but Various excuses are made, such as “He’s working on the motorway in Carlisle”, but these changed throughout the series.  The viewer and neighbours are left thinking that perhaps he’s in prison.  The idea of a regular character who we never see was used years later to great effect by Roy Clarke with Nurse Gladys’ Mother in Open All Hours.

Produced by Yorkshire Television, parts of the series were filmed in an area of Leeds known as Quarry Hill.  The council flats where it was filmed were notable as the first council flats of their kind, built in the 1930’s in what was termed an art deco style, they were demolished a few years after the series ended.

There are some other famous cast members including: Kathy Staff (Last Of The Summer Wine) and Lynne Perry (Ivy Tildsley, Coronation Street)


The series revolves around the lives and often illegal activities of the residents of a tower block in early 1970s Leeds,

Diana Dors is Queenie Shepherd, a brassy Yorkshire matriarch, ruling the roost over her tower block neighbours.  The tower block is known as Margaret Rose House, situated in the regally named Buckingham Flats.







Diana Dors
Freddie Fletcher
Brian Marshall
Barrie Rutter
Tony Caunter
Lynne Perrie
Bryan Mosley


Channel: ITV
Written By: Keith Waterhouse and Wilis Hall
Produced For ITV By: Yorkshire Television
Original Transmison Dates: 5th November 1970 – 5th September 1972


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