A Small Problem, 1987

This one caused a bit of a stir in it’s day.

A Small Problem was a BBC sitcom starring Christopher Ryan (Mike from The Young Ones).  Intended as a satire on prejudice it dealt with the subject of height.

Unfortunately viewers did not get it and the BBC were flooded with complaints, largely because of the use of terms like ‘midget’ and ‘dwarf’.  Perhaps this is why the series lasted just six episodes.


Britain has introduced a new European Community directive specifying everyone whose height is five feet or under must be moved into a ghetto and be kept apart from people of “normal” height.

Roy Pink becomes a victim of the new law because he is exactly five foot tall and had previously escaped “height discrimination”.  In fact, he had always been someone who despised “short” people.

Roy is sent off to a tower-block ghetto in South London.  Whilst there, he meets Fred, leader of the Residents’ Association and Howard, leader of the Small Liberation Front.

Through them, he learns how badly short people have been treated in the past.



Watch episode one here




Christopher Ryan – Howard
Mike Elles – Roy Pink
Dickie Arnold – Fred
Christine Ozanne – Lily
David Simeon – George
Joan Blackham – Heather
Mick Walter – Sid
Tetsu Nihino – Mr Motokuru
Sayo Inaba – Mrs Motokuru
Paul Haley – Mr Wallace
Patrick Moore – Newspaper Seller


Channel: BBC2
Written By: Tony Millan and Mike Waling
Original Transmission Dates: 26th January – 2nd March 1987


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