After years of promissing to write the script and the annual dig from Dawn French, during their BBC Radio 2 Christmas shows, it’s finally arrived.  Absolutely Fabulous – The Movie.

Alongside the regular cast there’s a whole host of stars getting in on the act

The big screen outing for the hugely popular TV series hits cinemas today.


Edina and Patsy are still oozing glitz and glamor, living the high life they are accustomed to; shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around London’s trendiest hot-spots.

Blamed for a major incident at an uber fashionable launch party, they become entangled in a media storm and are relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi.

Fleeing penniless to the glamorous playground of the super-rich, the French Riviera, they hatch a plan to make their escape permanent and live the high life forever more!

summary c/o  Fox Searchlight Pictures/BBC Films







Jennifer Saunders as Edina “Eddy” Monsoon
Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone
Julia Sawalha as Saffron “Saffy” Monsoon
June Whitfield as Mother
Jane Horrocks as Bubble
Naoko Mori as Sarah
Kathy Burke as Magda
Celia Imrie as Claudia Bing
Janette Tough as Huki Muki


Written By: Jennifer Saunders
Production Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures/BBC Films
Release Date: 1st July 2016


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