An Audience With Alf Garnett – 1997

An Audience With was a format created by London Weekend Television and would feature a famous person (in the early days it was a comedian, later and more recently it would be pop stars) answering questions put to them by a celebrity audience.

The format first appeared on our screens in 1978 with Jasper Carrott.  An Audience with Alf Garnett was Johnny Speight’s last time writing for the character, he died in 1998.


Alf answers questions and poses his thoughts on a variety of issues including the National Anthem and smoking.  This would be Warren Mitchell’s penultimate appearance as Alf.









Channel: ITV
Written By: Johnny Speight
Starring: Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett
Original Transmission Date: 5th April 1997


There was a VHS video release of the show, but we have been unable to track down a DVD.

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