It’s Christmas And Guess Who’s Planning A Holiday Again? Will Harold Win The Day Finally?”

The final episode of one of television comedy’s greats saw the 1974 christmas special bring the Steptoe saga to a close or so we thought, as it was resurrected for one last outing some years later in the stage production of Murder on Oil Drum Lane (see our seperate posting).


Fed up with staying at home every Christmas, Harold plans to take his dad abroad for the holiday.¬† However Albert isn’t going to make it easy for him: he pleads to go to Bognor instead, objects to every resort in the brochure and struggles to find his birth certificate for the passport.

Then, just when it looks like Harold’s Christmas is going to be another¬†disaster, fate delivers one more twist…








Harry H. Corbett
Wilfrid Brambell


Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: John Lloyd
Channel: BBC1
Original Transmission Date: 26 December 1974


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