All New Blind Date, 2017

After the build up and voice problems for Paul O’Grady tonight Blind Date returns to our TV screens after fourteen years.

A revival was first mooted back in 2015, in this case it was an Irish revival and was to have been hosted by Lucy Kennedy on Ireland’s TV3.  However this was dropped.

The idea was picked up again and rumours began to circulate that it was scheduled to broadcast in May 2017 with host comedian Al Porter.

In February 2017 an official announcement was made that Blind Date would be returning, but would now be aired on Channel 5.  Paul O’Grady was announced as host.  The show would follow the same format as previous but in a more enlightened society will also feature: Lesbian, Gay and Transgender contestants.


A brand new set, new host and we’re ready to go.  Who’s missing? Our Graham.  For the new series Our Graham is our Mel.  Melanie Sykes takes over voiceover duties.

Ready to go? It’s the tried and tested format three contestants behind a screen answer three questions each from their potential date.





Paul O’Grady and Melanie Sykes


Channel: Channel 5
Original Transmission Dates: June 17th – present

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