Bowler, 1973

Another ITV sitcom sitting in the back of people’s memories.  Bowler was the thirteen part TV comedy series, that was a spin off from a spin off.  In plain English Bowler was a spin off from The Fenn Street Gang, which in itself was a spin off from Please Sir.


Released from prison after serving a prison sentence, Stanley Bowler sets about trying to ‘better’ himself.

The story revolves around Bowler’s attempts to develop (and to project to others) a more cultured personality, as he tries (but fails) to understand the fine arts, and to move into higher social circles.







George Baker … Stanley Bowler
Fred Beauman … Reg
Renny Lister … Doreen Bowler
Gretchen Franklin … Mum
Christopher Benjamin … Supt. Chamberlain
Johnnie Wade … Nigel


Channel: ITV
Written By: John Esmonde and Bob Larbey
Produced By: Philip Casson and Derrick Goodwin
Original Transmission Dates: 29th July – 21st October 1973


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