Breaking Of Bumbo, 1970

This British Comedy Film, originally made in 1970 never quite made it out of EMI’s studio.  However things managed to get as far as creating posters and brochures – and a trade exhibition with limited screenings in September 1970.

The film was cruelly denied it’s theatrical release by EMI on the grounds they felt it was not commercially viable.  It didn’t surface anywhere until 1975 when it was aired on BBC-2 on 17th August. It has only received intermittent screenings ever since until it’s DVD release by Network On Air 

The film itself was an update on writer Andrew Sinclair’s 1959 novel of the same name.


Bumbo Bailey is a newly commissioned Ensign of the Household Brigade.

He considers his social life every bit as important as his military career.  However trouble ensues when he falls in love with the luscious Susie and her friend Jock, whose principal occupation is organising anti-war demonstrations.

When they decide to protest outside Wellington Barracks, Bumbo’s military career is soon in jeopardy!







Richard Warwick – Bumbo
Joanna Lumley – Susie
Jeremy Child – Billy
Edward Fox – Horwood


Production Company: EMI, Timon Films
Original Release Date: Never Given A Commercial Release
TV Channel: BBC2
Original TV Transmission Date: 17th August 1975

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