Dad’s Army – Battle Of The Giants – 1971

Dad’s Army remains one of Britain’s best loved sitcoms, but it had to wait until 1971 before it got it’s first Christmas Special.  What’s more it wasn’t Christmas themed.

In many of today’s DVD releases scenes are cut for “contractual” reasons, however with this episode for whatever the reason some scenes were cut from the television broadcast.  These scenes returned to the episode for it’s DVD release included: Private Walker’s explanation of how he received his medal, and various incidents during the competition with the Eastgate platoon.


After being insulted by Captain Square for his lack of medals, Captain Mainwaring challenges the Eastgate platoon to a test of strength and stamina to prove who commands the better platoon.

Clips (play better on tablet/PC)






Arthur Lowe  –  Captain Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier  –  Sergeant Wilson
Clive Dunn  –  Lance Corporal Jones
John Laurie  –  Private Frazer
James Beck  –  Private Walker
Arnold Ridley  –  Private Godfrey
Ian Lavender  –  Private Pike
Bill Pertwee  –  ARP Warden
Frank Williams  –  Vicar
Edward Sinclair –   Verger
Geoffrey Lumsden  –  Captain Square
Robert Raglan –   The Colonel
Charles Hill  –  Sergeant Parkins
Colin Bean  –  Private Sponge
Rosemary Faith  –  Shirley, the Barmaid


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Produced and Directed By: David Croft
Original Transmission Date: Monday 27th December 1971 at 7.00pm

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