Dad’s Army, The Lost Episodes, 2007 – 2008 and Dad’s Army Marches On – 2010

Dad’s Army is a national institution, enjoying regular repeats on the BBC.  It’s as popular today as it’s always been.

Just as we saw with Hi-De-Hi, a stage show was nothing new, in fact we’ve covered the original touring production you’ll find it in the archive under On Parade With The Dads Army Stage Show.

Some thirty years after the series had ended and with most of the original cast having passed on, a new stage production courtesy of Calibre Stage Productions, with a new cast took to the stage in 2008 to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary.

Such was the success of the show that Croft and Perry were persuaded to release four more scripts that became the 2010 production Dads Army Marches On.  Unfortunately we have been unable to find out which ones, but if anybody knows let us know.


The Lost Episodes

An adaptation of the classic episode ‘The Deadly Attachment’ in which the platoon have to guard a German U-Boat crew with hilarious results.  in addition there were adaptations of two lost episodes not seen since 1969.  “A Stripe For Frazer” reveals the competition between Frazer and Jones when Mainwaring offers a promotion to the rank of Corporal for one of his lucky soldiers, while “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker” catalogues Private. Walker’s desperate attempt to avoid the draft – madcap mayhem ensues.





Leslie Grantham
Timothy Kightley
David Warwick
Richard Tate
Kern Falconer
Brian Jackson
Tom Richardson

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