Don’t Drink The Water, 1974

Blakey’s Off To Retire In Spain…….

Not many people remember this On The Buses spin-off.  Don’t drink The Water ran for thirteen episodes over two series.

Regrettably the series failed to capture the success of On The Buses and was cancelled after two series.  It does not appear to have been repeated and has only recently found it’s way in complete form onto DVD.


The series followed the exploits of Cyril Blake and his sister Dorothy as they struggle to adjust to their new life in Spain.

Everybody’s favourite bus inspector (Blakey) has retired to Spain.

He’s persuaded his reluctant sister to join him, so he can get his hands on her half of their Mother’s legacy to help buy a new flat,

They arrive at their destination only to find that things are not quite as the brochure said they were.  With building work still going on, the flat isn’t even finished, it’s too hot, the lifts don’t work, he can’t stomach the food and then there’s the dodgy plumbing






Stephen Lewis – Cyril Blake
Pat Coombs – Dorothy Blake
Derek Griffiths – Carlos
Mugette De Braie – Carmela (series one)
Frank Coda – Bill (series one)
Christine Shaw – Beryl (series one)


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney
Original Transmission: 27 July 1974 – 6 December 1975


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