Some Mothers Do Ave ‘Em, 2016

After many rumours in the press and hints from the original cast, Frank Spencer did indeed return in 2016.

However, rather than a full series as had been rumoured it was a one off sketch for charity Sports Relief.  None the less it was hugely enjoyable to see Frank again.

All the classic moments got a nod: the Morris Minor (Frank’s car in the original series), the bicycle and the fire station got a new twist, rollerskating behind a bus. Fans were particuarly keen on Gemma Arterton’s portrayal of grown up Jessica who was so much like Frank and even got her own catchphrase “what am I like?”

The sketch proved that Frank had lost none his appeal as fans called for a return of a full series.


It’s Jessica Spencer’s big day as she prepares to take part in a cycle race at the Olympic Velodrome.  Mum Betty has made it, but Dad Frank has stopped off to buy some flowers.

It’s not long before Frank has caused his usual mayhem and finds himself making the journey to Velodrome by: bicycle and roller skates, making an unintentional entrance and an encounter with Sir Bradley Wiggins.



Frank Spencer – Michael Crawford
Betty Spencer – Michelle Dotrice
Jessica Spencer – Gemma Arterton


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Raymond Allen
Original transmission Date: 18th March, 2016

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