Pinky And Perky, 1957 (The Original TV Series)

We promised you cheese and cheese you shall have.

Pinky and Perky were a couple of puppet pigs famous for their high pitched voices, created by re-playing original voice recordings at twice the original recorded speed.

Created by  Czechhoslovakian immigrants Jan and Vlasta Dalibor who also operated the puppets.  The pigs were originally going to be named Pinky and Porky but there was a problem registering Porky as a character name. This was solved by Margaret Potter, the wife of their producer, Trevor Hill, who also discovered them, it was her idea to name them Pinky and Perky.

Pinky and Perky had only very limited movements and looked very alike.  Pinky wore red clothes and Perky wore blue, but this distinction was of little use on black and white TV, so Perky often wore a hat.

The two pigs starred in their own TV series from 1957 until 1968 with the BBC, where during their run they ran their own TV station PPC, before switching to ITV between 1968 and 1972.

It didn’t take long before the commercial success of the Pinky and Perky’s musical career was recognised and they appeared in spin off shows Pinky and Perky’s Pop Parade and Pinky and Perky’s Island, for 11 years until 1968 on the BBC.  These were just a showcase for the two pigs lip synching to songs.

The characters were resurrected in 2008 for The Pinky and Perky Show in CGI format that show ran for 52 episodes.


Pinky and Perky run their own fictional TV station “PPC TV”.

They perform comedy sketches alongside a human host (similar format to Basil Brush) and of course they sing cover versions of popular songs.

Other puppets made guest appearances on the show including the Beakles , Topo Gigio, a mouse puppet who appeared in many later episodes, as well as a female pig.  Among other puppets featured were: Ambrose Cat, Basil Bloodhound, Bertie Bonkers the baby elephant, Conchita the Cow, Horace Hare and Vera Vixen.






Pinky And Perky Voices

Mike Sammes

Hosts Included

John Slater
Roger Moffat
Jimmy Thompson
Bryan Burdon
Fred Emney


Channel: BBC: 1957 – 1968, ITV 1968 -1972
Created By: Jan and Vlasta Dalibor
Originally Transmitted: 1957 – 1968









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