Futtock’s End – 1970

The late great Ronnie Barker stars in Futtock’s End, a short (40min), silent,  colour film.  The exact date seems to jump about a bit product catalogues indicate 1969 where research shows 1970.

Filmed at Grim’s Dyke, once home to W.S. Gilbert (an English dramatist, librettist, poet and illustrator) this short film featured a host of famous names and is seen by many as a  precursor to some of the later sketches performed by Two Ronnies.

In 2007 the film was shown in Trafalgar Square as part of the St George’s Day celebrations.


A weekend gathering at the decaying country home of the eccentric General Futtock (Ronnie Barker) produces a series of saucy mishaps between staff and guests.

This ‘silent’ film uses music, sound effects and incoherent mutterings in the place of dialogue, as the bumbling and lewd General competes with his equally lecherous butler (Michael Hordern) in vain attempts to win the attentions of a beautiful short-skirted young house guest.

Comedic chaos ensues between the assembled group of motley characters.







Michael Hordern
Ronnie Barker
Roger Livesey
Julian Orchard
Kika Markham
Richard O’Sullivan
Mary Merrall
Hilary Pritchard
Jennifer Cox
Ernest C. Jennings


Produced and Directed By: Bob Kellett
Music By:  Robert Sharples
Release Date:   February 1970


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