Mr H Is Late – 1988

Eric Sykes heads all star cast in this classic silent short .  This one was made a little later than his other, better known short films.

There’s an all star line up of some of the best comedy actors of the time.

In today’s world of hi tech the idea of a silent film seems odd.  However this works, is very funny and almost forgotten about.


Eric Sykes plays an undertaker who’s put in charge of a simple task.  All he has to do is move a coffin from the deceased’s home to the church.

The only problem is the home is on the 26th floor of a skyscraper.  Oh yes and the stairs are narrow, the lift is small and prone to stop working. Chaos ensues.







John Alderton     …    Vicar
Bobby Ball     …    Driver’s mate
Tommy Cannon     …    Driver
Norman Collier     …    Short-sighted man
Charlie Drake     …    Short delivery man
Gabrielle Drake     …    Miss H
Jimmy Edwards     …    Traffic warden
Linda Hayden     …    Sunbather
James Hunt     …    Trucker
Roy Kinnear     …    Piper
Rula Lenska     …    Bride
Kenny Lynch     …    Bus conductor
Henry McGee     …    Tall undertaker
Spike Milligan     …    Roadsweeper
Noel Murphy     …    Tall delivery man
Freddie Starr    …    Short undertaker


Channel: ITV
Produced By: Thames Television
Written and Directed By: Eric Sykes
Original Transmission Date: 15th February 1988



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