As was the trend during the 1970’s Are You Being Served was given the big screen treatment in 1977.  The film starred all the original cast from the TV version as they take a holiday on the Costa Plonka while their department is renovated.


Grace Brothers’ requires renovation.  To compensate for time off work, Young Mr. Grace sends the staff of the Men’s and Women’s Department on a two week holiday to the fictional Spanish resort town of Costa Plonka.

The staff find, to their chagrin, that because of a booking mix-up their hotel has no rooms available, and they are forced to sleep in tents. The single public bathroom only has a lock on the outside, and that the local custom is to sing a song while you are using it to let others know of its occupation. This causes a problem for Mr. Grainger, who after a local meal states, “Many more dinners like that, and I shall have to learn a longer song!”

To add to the mayhem the holiday makers then find themselves in the middle of a revolution and are confined to their hotel during the uprising.





John Inman
Mollie Sugden
Frank Thornton
Trevor Bannister
Wendy Richard
Arthur Brough
Nicholas Smith
Arthur English


Written by: David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
Produced by:  Andrew Mitchell
Directed By:  Bob Kellett
Original Release Date: 1977

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