Have to admit that I was never a big fan of this long running sitcom.  A huge hit for the BBC’s Digital channel BBC Choice (became BBC3), the series clocked up an impressive eighty episodes over nine series between 2001 and 2011.

Perhaps the biggest surprise this sitcom produces is, that despite it’s long run it’s creator: Susan Nickson was just 18 years old when she came up with the idea. The series original Executive Producer , Geoffrey Perkins (who was also Head of Comedy at the time), saw writer Susan Nickson’s work on Channel 4’s Lloyd’s Bank Film Challenge, entitled “Life’s A Bitch”, which starred Sean Hughes and Kathy Burke.  At just 14, Nickson was asked by Perkins to come and work with the BBC.  Consequently, after a few years;  Nickson came up with Two Pints.

The first series was broadcast on BBC2.  From series two the show moved to BBC Choice the BBC’s digital channel aimed at the twenty somethings audience.

After the 2009 series many of the original cast and writers departed.  However in 2010 the BBC announced the show would return  albeit ‘refreshed’ and so in 2011 a refrshed series nine appeared on screens.   However, on 23rd July 2011, following a decline in ratings and feeling the series had come to a natural end following the departures of half of the main cast members the BBC decided that the show would not return for a tenth series.


Set in Runcorn, Cheshire the series  revolves around the lives of five twenty-somethings, their ups downs and loves.







Will Mellor –  Gaz Wilkinson – series 1-9
Natalie Casey – Donna Henshaw – series 1-8
Sheridan Smith – Janet Keogh – series 1-8
Kathryn Drysdale – Louise Brooks = series 1-6
Ralf Little – Jonny Keogh – series 1-6
Luke Gell – Tim Claypole – series  7-9
Georgia Henshaw –  Cassie Claypole – series 9
Freddie Hogan – Billy McCormack – series 9


Created By: Susan Nickson
Written By:
Susan Nickson (2001–09)
Daniel Peak (2003–06)
Karen Laws (2004–05)
Jon Brown (2006–09)
Tim Dawson (2008–09)
Kate Wincup (2008–09)
Robin Taylor (2011)
David Cantor (2011)
Original Transmission Dates: 26th February 2001 – 24 th May 2011

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