Grange Hill, 1978

It’s over 40 years since Grange Hill first opened it’s doors.  The kids TV drama has now achieved almost cult status among TV viewers of a certain age.

The series ran a marathon 31 series notching up 601 episodes plus 2 specials along the way.  Like many Kids TV shows it eventually found it’s way to CBBC where it changed focus from school life to “The Grange”, the school’s multimedia learning centre, which was given a radical makeover and became as much a “hang out” as a learning resource.

By 2008 the show had completely moved away from it’s gritty origins, focussing on younger viewers.  With ratings falling the show was axed in 2008.


The series originally focused on the day to day lives of a group of pupils attending “Grange Hill” comprehensive school.







Various over the years


BBC1 (1978 -2007)
CBBC (2007 – 2008)
Created By: Phil Redmund
Original Transmission Dates: 8th February 1978 – 15th September 2008

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