Happy Ever After, Christmas 1977, June’s Parents

Happy Ever After was of course the forerunner to Terry and June.  It ran for five series concluding with a special episode in 1979.

During the show’s run there were two Christmas Specials.  For this post we’re in the second one first broadcast in 1977.  That’s 41 years ago, like many great sitcoms it’s testament to just how good comedy was that it survives all these years later.




It’s Christmas time in the Fletcher house and like all good Christmas traditions it’s a time for family.

So June has invited her parents to stay for Christmas, only one problem she hasn’t told Terry….





Terry Fletcher – Terry Scott
June Fletcher – June Whitfield
Aunt Lucy – Beryl Cooke
Susan Fletcher – Pippa Page
Debbie Fletcher – Caroline Whitaker
June’s Mother – Joyce Carey
June’s Father – Anthony Woodruff


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Eric Merriman and Christopher Bond
Original Transmission Date: 23rd December 1977