Here Come The Double Deckers, 1970

Here’s a real oldie but goldie from when kids TV seemed far more interesting than it does today.  Thev series seems these days to have largely been forgotten about, but let’s be honest it’s over 40 years old and they only made one series of seventeen episodes.

Here Come the Double Deckers was a seventeen part British children’s TV comedy adventure sitcom, broadcast between  1970-71 in the US and 1971 – 1972 in the UK.  In the US the series was re-run on Sunday mornings during the 1971 – 72 season.

The show was a co-production between British independent film company Century Films and American TV company 20th Century Fox and was broadcast in the US first.

Kids comic (comics, remember them?) Whizzer and Chips ran a “Double Deckers” cartoon strip which debuted on 22 May 1971 and ended approximately a year later on 13 May 72.  This would suggest that the publishers has a one-year contract with Twentieth Century Fox who were credited in the publication as holders of the copyright.


The basic premise of the series revolved around the adventures of seven children whose den was an old red double-decker London bus in an unused junk yard.

Each week saw the gang in a separate adventure including episodes based around a runaway homemade hovercraft, a chocolate factory and invading ‘Martians’ with guns that shot out chocolate candy, a disastrous camping holiday, collecting tin foil for a guide dog, becoming pop moguls with their protégé ‘The Cool Cavalier’ and a haunted stately home.




Sorry only clip we could find was in french but hopefully the action will bring back memories






Michael Audreson
Gillian Bailey
Bruce Clark
Peter Firth
Brinsley Forde
Melvyn Hayes
Debbie Russ
Douglas Simmonds


Created By: Harry Booth, Roy Simpson and Glyn Jones
Channel: BBC1 (UK), ABC (USA)
Original Transmission Dates:
USA: 12th September, 1970 – 3rd September, 1972
UK: 1st January, 1971 – 30th April, 1971

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