the cast of bbc 4 comedy holy flying circus

And Now For Something Not Quite Monty Python….

Holy Flying Circus, 2011

Holy flying Circus is not a missing Monty Python film.  It is a a “Pythonesque” dramatisation of events following the completion of Monty Python’s Life Of Brian.

The film first aired on the digital channel BBC4 in 2011.  Receiving mixed reviews from critics the film was particularly popular n the BBC’s iplayer, whilst at the time of broadcast it got just over half a million viewers.


Holy Flying Circus is a fantastical re-imagining of the events that followed the completion of “Monty Python’s Life Of Brian” leading up to Michael Palin and John Cleese appearing on the BBC’s Friday Night Saturday Morning to defend the film against charges of blasphemy.













Darren Boyd as John Cleese
Charles Edwards as Michael Palin
Steve Punt as Eric Idle
Rufus Jones as Terry Jones and Michael’s Wife
Tom Fisher as Graham Chapman
Phil Nichol as Terry Giliam


Channel: BBC4
Written By: Tony Roache
Original Transmission Date: 19th October 2011

Where To Watch

Holy flying Circus has had a DVD release but currently does not appear on major streaming services.