Sitcom Life, Part 1, Early Years

In the first of a series of posts we are looking at how the great British sitcom has portrayed life.

In today’s first post we are looking at those early years. From child birth to teenagers sitcom has featured them all.

Childbirth, Who else but Del?

Three Men, A Woman and a Baby was first screened in 1991 and was the final episode of the regular series.  In the final part of the episode Raquel gives birth and what else could you call Del’s son? other than Damien.




Moving on from childbirth kids can be a real handful.  Many sitcoms have dealt with kids, perhaps none more successful than the BBC sitcom, Outnumbered.

This scene sees the Brockman family waiting for their flight and brilliantly portrays the joys of bored children at an airport.




This E4 sitcom: The inbetweeners dealt with adolescence and teenage years



Even though it’s a sketch show you can’t look at teenage years and not feature the most famous teenager of all, courtesy of Harry Enfield

In part 2 we look at family life


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