How To Irritate People, 1968

How To Irritate People was a one off TV show made in 1968.  It featured a host of top class writers and was the brainchild of David Frost.

The show was made in the UK for the American market in an attempt to introduce them to the new style of British humour.  Therefore the original recording is made to the NTSC colour standard.

How To Irritate People was never broadcast in the UK, but was converted to the UK’s PAL system for commercial release on DVD.  It is believed however to have been broadcast in the USA on 21st January 1969.


In this mock-documentary, John Cleese narrates a series of sketches on irritation — types and techniques.







John Cleese
Tim Brooke-Talylor
Graham Chapman
Michael Palin
Gillian lind
Connie Booth
Dick Vosburgh


Channel: Not broadcast in UK
Written By:
Tim Brooke_Taylor
graham Chapman
John Cleese
Marty Feldman
Produced By: David Frost
Original Transmission Date: 21st January 1969 (USA)



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